The Top Habits of Happy, Healthy, Productive People

According to Psychology guru, Martin Seligman, happiness is 60 percent genetic and 40 percent environmental.  In his 2004 TED Talk, he breaks that abstract concept down into something even more accessible, classifying three kinds of happy lives: the pleasant life, the life of engagement, and the meaningful life.  

Now, Seligman goes on to argue that only by alternating between engagement and meaningful, can one find a lasting sense of fulfillment.  For anyone seeking greater fulfillment from their life (and be honest, that’s everyone), we highly recommend watching the whole talk when you find the time.

But we understand that not everyone can just put their lives on hold and learn how to be happy.  That’s why we’ve compiled, here for you, an infographic guide to the habits of happy, healthy, productive people.  Take a few minutes and looks it over.  It could be worth a lifetime of positive change.

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